Prayer Times

Prayer Times is a complete Islamic Package for Muslims around the globe, featuring Prayer Times, Holy Quran, Daily Islamic Duas, Ramadan Calendar, Qibla Direction, Nearby Mosques finder and more in one single app with amazing User Interface. The app provides accurate prayer times of all locations based on user’s location around the world. Moreover, Qibla Direction feature enables you to locate the right Kaaba Direction from anywhere in the world. App also features Holy Quran in Multiple Scripts with Translation and audio recitation.


Here are some core feature of the Prayer Times

Alarm Tones/Notifications

Beautiful Azan Voices and standard tones to set as Alarm Notifications.

Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan Calendar with Sehar and Iftaar timings.

Prayer Times

Accurate prayer timed based on your current location or selected settings.

Time Chart

Time Chart shows the prayer timings of the whole year.

Prayer Alerts

You will be notified with the audio notification for Azaan when the time of any prayer starts.

Quranic Scripts

Different Quranic Scripts options; Simple, Indo-Pak and Uthmani.

Qibla Compass

Shows the right Qibla direction of any location.

Asma ul Husna

99 names of Allah SWT recitation with video.


Widget support for Home Screen showing the remaining time for current prayer.

Nearby Mosques

Search nearby mosques location around you.

Daily Life Duas

Read and learn Duas from a collection of 50+ Daily Life Duas with complete transliteration and translation

Duas from Quran

40 Rabbana Duas from Quran with references, transliteration and translation.

World Prayer Times

Tap on any location from the map and get the Prayer Timings of selected place.

Download The App

The app is available on App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play Store for Android phones as well

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